skateboard vs inline vs scooter

Since these three sports first existed together there has been an argument that one or the other is better than the other. The argument usually takes the form of calling the other sport a derogatory term. In my opinion the argument is stupid and I think that both skateboarding and roller blading have there merits and that both can be as good  as the other, but I choose to inline skate.

One argument that inline is of less merit than skateboarding is that it requires less skill. As this argument is mostly centred around the skate park and aggressive style skating I will focus on that. One of the reasons non skaters think this is that the main foundation of aggressive skating is grinding and rail tricks. These sorts of tricks do not look exiting and to the non roller blading crowd look rather easy. This is not true. The grinds and stalls can be extremely technical and if you stuff up you will probably fall. Aggressive skates have soul plates and H-blocks which allow for a lot of creativity and variations in grinding and allow for switch ups (changing between grind variations) which you just don’t see in skateboarding. Inline skating is also subject to much harder falls and unavoidable crashes.

Now I’m not trying to shoot down skateboarding. Some of the tricks they do take some serious skill, I just don’t like people who bag out roller blading. In my opinion we should join forces to take down the common enemy of scooter riders (scooterers?). Which in my opinion is the much easier hybrid of a bike cross a skateboard. If your not sold on this idea I’ll throw this statement at you,  skateboarders  skate,  inline skaters  blade, bikers ride and scooter kids, well they scoot, whatever that is.

Think of a tailwhip on a scooter. Now picture the same trick on a bike. Which one do you think requires more skill? To be honest, I couldn’t do a tailwhip on either but I think spinning a little scooter deck around is much easier than getting the entire tail end of a bike around its handlebars.

I like inline the best and I hate scooters the most. That is all.

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